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Time to get help?

March 31, 2011

Who would be the most effective person to help you in your business right now?

As your business grows and gets busier, it may be time to ask yourself  are you slowing your business down by tying yourself up in activities you could pass on to others?

Recruiting is difficult, potentially daunting and can be a huge investment in your time especially if you hire the wrong person. If you know you need help whether it is part-time, freelance or an additional member of your team, preparing ahead of time will ensure you hire the right person for the right tasks.

My first employees filled roles that I understood and often hired in a hurry as we would go through very busy periods. As the company grew, I felt at times I recruited the wrong people in the wrong areas which meant I constantly had to manage the work flow.

Being able to step back and look at the mechanics of how my business worked enabled me to clarify where I needed help and what skills I was looking for.  It saved money in long run as I developed a core work team that could take on busy periods of work as they all worked well together

If you are thinking about hiring people to help you:

  • Be clear on who you want and what you want them to do, and how it fits with you and your business
  • Understand their role even if it is outside your work experience; this will make them easier to manage
  • Give yourself time. Don’t just take who’s there on the day.  Save money by having the time to explore your own networks before considering an agency.

If you would like some additional help and support contact me; it starts with a chat over a coffee to let you decide if my experience will be of value to you.


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