New Year, New Plans…

Ah the clarity of January! There is something lovely about the start of a year (even if the first week back was a bit creaky). We are all looking ahead at a fresh new year and thinking about what it could be.

Most of my clients are clear on what needs to happen in 2012 to move their businesses forward. I use a huge timeline template which when put together allows them to see the whole year (and walk along it if needed!).

I am happy to share the template, just drop me an email. Here are some tips for making the most of a timeline:

  • Goals need to be measurable. They might have to be broken down into several steps
  • Divide out business areas. There is always one withered area (I will happily tell you mine is finance)
  • Live with your timeline; stick it to the wall for a bit. It is the best way to get buy-in from your team
  • Make sure it plots over 12 months. There is nothing worse than stopping in December
  • Add in check points, your timeline needs to change with you to be valuable.

Once done,  you can decant this onto your preferred program / app. But nothing beats having a large piece of paper and felt-tip pens at the start – sometimes technology can be distracting!

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