Case Story No. 1 – The Beautiful Business Machine

Once there was a man who built a business. A wonderful machine with products going in and happy customers coming out.  As it grew, he bolted on staff and added cogs and levers to keep things working.

But as it got busier, it started to groan and over-heat, occasionally churning out an unhappy customer. He patched parts with over-time and oiled creaky bits with finance. His staff worked hard but the whole thing didn’t work well together.  Caught up in the workings of the business, it was hard to see where it was headed and he was exhausted.

So he called Alison at Internal Workings. A heroine in the mechanics of business, she peered at the workings inside and asked three questions…

  • What did the machine need to do?
  • What direction did he want to take the machine?
  • Who and what was needed to make the machine work better?

Alison explained that it was the man’s employees who made up the engine of his business. Putting parts in the right order was key to his business running well.

So, together they developed clear roles and oiled processes and as a result the man has a fine-tuned business machine with:

  • The right people in the right roles
  • Efficient processes that save time
  • An energised business accelerating in the right direction

Which gives our man the space and time to build other beautiful machines…

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